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Fight fire with fire by emulating the top performing legal websites.

Does Legal Web Design Matter?

Every day, prospective clients look for legal services online. A solid online presence is crucial for your law firm’s continued success and ability to attract new clients. Your website serves as the focal point of your online presence and is where you can showcase your knowledge and experience while also generating traffic and inquiries for your law business.

The majority of buyers start their process by doing research online. When choosing an attorney, prospective clients want to be well informed. One of the first places they’ll look is your website to see whether or not you’re the best option. So yes, good web design is essential to capture your ideal clients.


We understand expertise is a big factor in the decision-making stage of your clients, that is why we focus our design principles to highlight your career as best as possible throughout your entire website.


Potential clients rely on your previous results to conclude their legal search. Highlighting those testimonials will positively influence your potential clientss. 

Track record

Your reputation for client success will be the major determining factor for most lurkers. We’ll represent your best self on the internet!

Our Example Websites

First Impressions MATTER

Websites for law firms have various uses. They present who you are, highlight your areas of expertise, and give potential customers a method to get in touch with you for those services. Beyond that, your website ought to explain to your intended audience what makes you special.

Having this in mind, you will LOSE potential clients if your website is hard to navigate!

a comparison of an old and ugly website with a new updated lawyer website

Important Website Composure

Modern Website Design
Easy Website Navigation
Company Value Proposition
a comparison of an old and ugly website with a new updated lawyer website

No Hidden Fees. Easy Math.

Our Pricing Structure

Every value-based web designer wants to squeeze your wallet by asking “…what’s your budget?”

We keep it simple and straightforward. All of our services start at $3,500.


WordPress website template based on the examples, instructions, and brand standards you have provided.

Website Package Details

$4,500 Base Price

($250 per additional website page)


We will build a customized WordPress website based on your samples provided, direction and brand guidelines.

Website Package Details

$7,000 Base Price

($250 per additional website page)


We will build a website from scratch with mock-ups on a WordPress CMS based on your requirements for ultimate success.

Website Package Details

$16,000 Base Price

($250 per additional website page)


We offer enterprise-level custom website design for big businesses.

$30,000 +


Frequently Asked Questions

We understand your need to question the smallest details. We want to make this an easy overall process. If the following questions don’t fulfill your examination, please visit our video archive for a more in-depth explanation before contacting us.

We will review your current website and business goals. Every project is different and we will discuss the benefits of every program to best fit your needs. For example, the cheapest package will not be effective for a growing company that needs a strong online presence. 

Bringing the future of digital marketing to your business.

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